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WOW These "Coaches"

I am utterly disgusted with how some of these so called "coaches" are being terrible examples to our youth. Parents stay involved with your kids and sports. Don't get me wrong I know that majority of coaches are doing a great job. You all deserve the upmost credit. But there are some coaches that truly disgust me.  

Focus In The 4th Quarter

If you haven't realized; it is the best time of the year!  It is FOOTBALL SEASON!  One challenge that I took on in 2015 is to become a football referee.  It is week 5 here in Georgia and I am starting to enjoy officiating football.  Watching the kids in high school play reminds me of my days at THE Peach County High School with my brother Randy McMichael, best friends Louis Ivory, DJ Starling, Nekeyma Wright and many more.  We take football very serious here in the state of Georgia.  Friday nights should be considered national holidays and the stadiums are hallowed grounds where champions are made.  One thing we were taught at THE Peach County High School is 48 Minutes of Black Hat in the Mouth.  We were going to fight for 48 full minutes.  It did not matter what the score was or what challenges we faced. For 48 minutes the other team would know that they had played the Mighty Trojans.  That is the same attitude that we must have when pursuing our goals and dreams.  No

Your Gift Is Not For Your Friends

As entrepreneurs it is natural to want the people that are close to use to love and support our endeavors.  Unfortunately,  that's not always the case. When I first started in the industry of network marketing I really thought I had some influence and respect as a business minded person.  After the first month went by I quickly realized that my family and friends only remembered all the times that I tried and failed.  I'm sure they all wanted me to be successful but I did not have their respect enough for them to partner with me.  Truth be told they didn't even respect me enough to purchase the product.  It was a challenge for me to keep going but I was lucky enough to be involved with a company with a strong personal development program.  Over the years I realized that in order to have the success I dreamed of I would need to become the type of person that deserved that level of success.  One of my favorite quotes is "Service to many leads to Greatness!"  Ther

Do You Believe In Affirmations?

  I had to ask my family a friends this serious question today!  Do you believe in affirmations?  I know that I am a firm believer in setting goals, writing the vision, and speaking life.  However, my downfall comes with inconsistency. I've had a hard time holding myself accountable to really focusing on my goals and speaking affirmations consistently.  Fortunately I was shown a great tool to help any of us focus on our affirmations and goals daily.  This tool is the Obsessed With Success Affirmation conference call.  I first listened to this call this past Friday and I have been hooked since.  If you are looking to start your day off with a group of like minded individuals pursuing their dreams and goals dial in on the weekdays at 7:30 am and weekends at 9:00 am eastern (641) 715-3200 pin 656202#.  I promise I'm not trying to recruit you lol!  This call has been a blessing to my day and I am simply passing on the information.  I hope you will dial in tomorrow morning. 

It's Not About The Money

Happy Hump Day! Have you ever taken a job or pursued a business venture simply for the money?  I know as an entrepreneur that I am always calculating money in my head.  Whenever I go to a club or a lounge I often find myself looking around trying to figure out the capacity and how much each table is bringing in. I know money is vital to EVERYTHING so I am not trying to downplay the importance of having money; but one of the biggest mistakes I've made as a entrepreneur is forgetting the vision I had for myself to chase money.  Every time I've simply gone after money those were the times when I wasn't success.   In today's Leader of Leaders video I am speaking on why along your journey to the top it's really not about the money! Let's be great today! 1 Down!  Tips On Writing Your Vision When describing your goals, project five to ten years into the future Dream Big and Focus on Success Use the present tense when writing Use