It's Not About The Money

Happy Hump Day! Have you ever taken a job or pursued a business venture simply for the money?  I know as an entrepreneur that I am always calculating money in my head.  Whenever I go to a club or a lounge I often find myself looking around trying to figure out the capacity and how much each table is bringing in. I know money is vital to EVERYTHING so I am not trying to downplay the importance of having money; but one of the biggest mistakes I've made as a entrepreneur is forgetting the vision I had for myself to chase money.  Every time I've simply gone after money those were the times when I wasn't success.  In today's Leader of Leaders video I am speaking on why along your journey to the top it's really not about the money!

Let's be great today! 1 Down! 

Tips On Writing Your Vision

  1. When describing your goals, project five to ten years into the future
  2. Dream Big and Focus on Success
  3. Use the present tense when writing
  4. Use clear concise language
  5. Your vision should be infused with your passion and emotions


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