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Killeen Texas! The Greatest Place Ever!

Did I mention that I hated Fort Valley?  Not that Fort Valley was a bad place but I never fit in.  I did not have a lot of friends growing up.  I was light skin with a cleft chin and my middle name was Lopez, so I was always asked if I was Mexican.  This was a small town in the south, so everyone was either black or white.  I was too light skin for some people and too dark for the other people.  I did not have birthday parties or sleepovers.  The only sport that my Gram would allow me to play until I got to Jr. High was baseball.  I was sheltered and a frankly I was a cry baby all through elementary school.   I was starting 6th grade which in Fort Valley was a part of Jr. High School.  This was a rough year for your boy!  My first day I remember thinking damn these some big ass kids.  I swear that entire 8th grade class was all on steroids.  I am talking about the girls too.  I was this quiet awkward kid trying to be cool, but I had no swagger at all. Gram would not let me play footb