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What is a Leader of Leaders?

Face your fears and chase your GREATNESS!

I'm a Fake and a Phony!

I'm not where I'm suppose to be. I'm not what I want to be, But no matter what anyone else may think I'm not what I use to be. I haven't learned how to arrive; I've just learned how to keep going.

Earn the Respect of the People I Respect

Tabious L. Carter discusses the  "The Law of Respect" by John C. Maxwell! People follow People they Respect Keys to the Law of Respect 1. Natural Leadership Ability 2. Respect for Others 3. Courage 4. Success 5. Loyalty 6. Add Value to Others

Les Brown on the Keys to Success in Network Marketing

Compliments of Eric Worre at

Blessings Challenge

The Law of Two: When God wants to bless you he brings a person into your life!