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Confessions Of An Introvert

I hate to admit it. I am actually kind of ashamed to admit that I HATE PEOPLE lol!  I'm just joking!!  I'm sort of joking but I am a naturally a shy and introverted person.  Being in the industry of network martekting and direct sales being afraid to talk to people can hinder your success. I have had to learn to step outside of my comfort zone and actually learn how to make friends.  We all know it's not about what you know but who you know!  In today's Leader of Leaders video I am speaking on several tips that can help you when it comes to networking as an introverted person! Let's be great today! 1 Down! By the way if I could show you how you could earn $50,000 in the next 30 days would you watch a 1 minute video? YES I said $50,000!!! If you want that video  HIT  me up!  Did This Help You? If so, I would greatly appreciate it if you would forward to your friends and share on Facebook or Twitter. Simply click on the buttons below! Let's be Grea

MD Ski Weekend!

Do you have plans for Super Bowl XLIX (50) yet?  This year the Super Bowl is being held at the home of the San Francisco 49ers; the beautiful Levis Stadium in Santa Clara, CA.  If you are anything like me you have no real interest in traveling across the country for the Super Bowl.  Most of us end up going to some last minute Super Bowl cook out at the friend of a friend's house.  The food will be edible at best, your favorite team probably isn't even playing in the game and the only reason you went is because there will of course be free alcohol lol! Let's change from that same old yearly routine and make some memories.  My good friend and frat brother (K...A...Psi til the day I die)  Gary Carter  has asked me to partner with him to promote the  M.D. Ski Express  weekend getaway!   M.D. Ski Express  was founded in the fall of 1983 with the premise to introduce African Americans professionals to the sport of snow skiing.  They have been organizing very successful ski t