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F*** A Mentor

First off, let me apologize if my cursing offends.  There are times when a vulgar word is needed to emphasize the point of a statement and "Forget a Mentor" just did not have the same ring lol.  I recorded this video, F*** a Mentor, because I see so many entrepreneurs that are stuck in their business then have the thoughts that a mentor is going to sprinkle some magic dust and everything will skyrocket.  I wasted a lot of time over the years waiting on a mentor, searching for a mentor, and claiming mentors.  Trust me when I say I  know the value of TRUE mentoring.  Everyone is not qualified nor equipped to be your mentor.  Put in the work and your real mentor will find you.        "Mentoring is who you are as much as what you do." John C. Maxwell Questions to consider. 1. Does your mentor see you as a top priority? 2. Did you and your mentor develop a relationship before starting the mentor/ student relationship? 3. Does you mentor give you help  uncondition