Your Gift Is Not For Your Friends

As entrepreneurs it is natural to want the people that are close to use to love and support our endeavors.  Unfortunately,  that's not always the case. When I first started in the industry of network marketing I really thought I had some influence and respect as a business minded person.  After the first month went by I quickly realized that my family and friends only remembered all the times that I tried and failed.  I'm sure they all wanted me to be successful but I did not have their respect enough for them to partner with me.  Truth be told they didn't even respect me enough to purchase the product.  It was a challenge for me to keep going but I was lucky enough to be involved with a company with a strong personal development program.  Over the years I realized that in order to have the success I dreamed of I would need to become the type of person that deserved that level of success.  One of my favorite quotes is "Service to many leads to Greatness!"  There are a lot more people that you do not know vs. the number of people that you do know.  Seek out the masses!  Your gift is needed.  In today's Leader of Leaders video I am speaking on why your gift is not for your friends.

Lets be great today! 1 Down!



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