Focus In The 4th Quarter

If you haven't realized; it is the best time of the year!  It is FOOTBALL SEASON!  One challenge that I took on in 2015 is to become a football referee.  It is week 5 here in Georgia and I am starting to enjoy officiating football.  Watching the kids in high school play reminds me of my days at THE Peach County High School with my brother Randy McMichael, best friends Louis Ivory, DJ Starling, Nekeyma Wright and many more.  We take football very serious here in the state of Georgia.  Friday nights should be considered national holidays and the stadiums are hallowed grounds where champions are made.  One thing we were taught at THE Peach County High School is 48 Minutes of Black Hat in the Mouth.  We were going to fight for 48 full minutes.  It did not matter what the score was or what challenges we faced. For 48 minutes the other team would know that they had played the Mighty Trojans.  That is the same attitude that we must have when pursuing our goals and dreams.  No matter how long it takes! No matter the challenge!  Give it your all until you achieve your Greatness!   In today's Leader of Leaders video I am speaking on focusing in the 4th quarter!

In the book The 17 Indisputable Laws of Teamwork by John C. Maxwell

Maxwell states:
As the challenge escalates, the need for teamwork elevates

Becoming a Better Team Member
If you don't already do it, teach yourself to rally with your teammates.  You cannot win a great challenge alone.  As Tenzing asserted, "On a great mountain, you do not leave your companions and go to the top alone."

Becoming a Better Team Leader
What kinds of adjustments do you need to make to create your dream team, one that can meet the challenges ahead?  Do you need to spend more time developing your people?  Do you need to add key team members?  Or should you make changes to the leadership? And don't forget that you, too, need to keep growing.  What's true for a teammate is also true for the leader: If you don't grow, you gotta go.


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