Greatness 101: Those Without Vision


Where there is no Vision, the people perish…Proverbs 29:18 Vision is everything for a leader. It paints the target. If fuels the fire. It pushes you forward. VISION LEADS THE LEADER. Vision Starts Within If you lack vision, look inside yourself. What are your natural gifts and desires? Visions Draws on Your History Mentality…Me…Men…Mental…Tality Vision Meets Others’ Needs True Vision is far reaching. If your vision doesn’t serve others, it’s probably too small. Vision Helps You Gather Resources Casting the Vision acts like a magnet that will attract, challenge, and unite people. #StandingInMyGreatness #BusinessGainz #ThisGrindisPersonal Lets work together 2020 will be Different Here’s some information: H.U.S.T.L.E. The American Dream ME doing a live Webinar FOR YOU and then this Shows you how powerful our PRODUCT IS Text me after you watch🙏🏿 HOW TO ENROLL 1⃣ Go to 2⃣ Click HFX $235 one time 3⃣ Scroll all the way to bottom 👉🏿No Add On’s 4⃣ Enter your information In 5⃣ Fill out info and choose the $235 package then $170 option for monthly. (No contract) 6⃣ Once complete, message me so I can get you launched! Send me your link 📋 Note: If you get a declined message for any reason, simply call your bank, authorize the transaction, and then put it through.


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