What's Your 2016 Vision?

It's 2016!!!  We made it!  I don't know about you but the older I get the faster the years go by.  I hope that you have taken some time to think and have a vision of exactly how you want your 2016 to become.  I read a quote by Mike Hyatt that said "If you have a clear vision, you will eventually attract the right strategy.  If you don't have a clear vision, no strategy will save you".  I am taking that stance going into 2016.  I know the vision I have for my life; but I do not know exactly how I will get there.  The one thing that I am certain of is that I will stay focused and stand in my gift of speaking & inspiring.  We have 366 days in 2016 to design the life that we want to live.  DO NOT WASTE one of them!  Before you know it the clock will be counting down on 2016 and we will be saying Happy New Year 2017.  Carpe Diem...Seize the day!  

Check out my first video of 2016 below.  Lets be great today! 1 Down! 

Check out my Vision Board!!!  Write the Vision and Make it Plain!

Did this Help You? If so, I really need your support!  I always say that I want to inspire just 1 person every time I speak.  In 2016 I am going to step that number up.  One of my goals for 2016 is to gather 50,000 YouTube subscribers.  If you can take 3 seconds to subscribe to my YouTube channel below I'll be your best friend lol!!  Thank you for your support.
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