Do You Have Rich Habits?

Wealth Mentality vs Poor Mentality
  • 72% of the wealthy know their credit score vs. 5% of the poor
  • 63% of the wealthy spend less than 1 hour per day on recreational Internet use vs. 26% of the poor
  • 79% of the wealthy believe they are responsible for their financial condition vs. 18% of the poor
Rich Habits to Teach Kids
  1. Require that children to read one to two educational books a month.
  2. Require that children set monthly, annual and 5-year goals.
  3. Require children to aerobically exercise 20 – 30 minutes a day.
  4. Require that children save at least 25% of their earnings or gifts they receive.
"The fact is the poor are poor because they have too many Poverty Habits and too few Rich Habits. Poor parents teach their children the Poverty Habits and wealthy parents teach their children the Rich Habits. We don’t have a wealth gap in this country we have a parent gap. We don’t have income inequality, we have parent inequality." Thomas Corley

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