Are You Slightly Arrogant?

“Arrogant” is one of the few labels that was used to describe me over the last 37 years and 8 months.  I never thought of myself as arrogant, conceited, or cocky even though most people would tell you I was.  Truth be told; growing up I never had much of a high self esteem until I realized that what other people thought of me did not matter. At that point I began to focus on my dreams and goals then life began to open up for me.  For the last two years I have constantly reminded myself and anyone connected to me to “Lets Be Great Today #1Down”! In 2018 it’s time to accept the fact that you are great and GREATNESS is YOU! To be able to accept the fact that You Are Greatness you will have to accept the fact that you are Slightly Arrogant! I dare you to Stand In Your Greatness for all of 2018!

Muhammad Ali was famously quoted saying “I said I was the Greatest even before I knew I was”! That’s the mentality we need to embrace.

Quick Lesson:
Your MENTALITY creates your reality
Me = YOU
Men = People Closest to You
Mental = Personal Development
Tality = The Great Reality of Your Life

"Standing In My Greatness" is the Mentality that we need to have going into 2018!!! No more wishing, hoping, and only praying.  It’s time to put some work behind these prayers… “Faith without works is dead”.  Whatever your goals are for 2018; I hope that you will have the sheer unmitigated ARROGANCE to know that you will get it done.
I do want to challenge each of you to three things in 2018.

1.       Save a minimum of 10% of your gross yearly salary. I’ve attached two different 52 week money challenges that can assist.
2.       Get a minimum of 2 new stamps in your passport.  It’s time to get a passport if you do not have one.
3.       Create a new stream of income using your talents and gifts.  Meaning…Do not go out and get a part time job.  We need to come up with a way to create income using our God giving talents and abilities. Not trade our time for a set amount of money.

Lastly we have to upgrade our conversation! I came across a fantastic video produced by UNINTERRUPTED featuring LeBron James, Draymond Green, 2 Chainz, Jesse Williams, Paul Rivera, Charles Oakley, Randy Mims, Rich Paul, Maverick Carter, and Steve Stoute.  I want to encourage you to watch this video.  Honestly I cannot stop watching it.  It is great to see a group of super successful black men speak with expertise about the challenges of their chosen industries but also dropping golden nuggets on success.  I want to encourage you to watch the video below.  I promise that you will appreciate their conversation.

As 2017 comes to an end and we step into 2018 I want you to remember in order for things to change we must first change! May you 2018 be prosperous and filled with the blessings that you righteously deserve.


Tabious L. Carter
Standing In My Greatness #SlightlyArrogant

$1,500 52 Week Challenge (click link to download)

$5,000 52 Week Challenge (click link to download)


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