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Why People Fail to Understand Others

“Lack of understanding concerning others is s recurrent source of tension in our society.  I once heard an attorney say, “Half of all the controversies and conflicts that arise among people are caused not by differences of opinion or an inability to agree, but by the lack of understanding of one another.” If we could reduce the number of misunderstandings, the courts wouldn’t be as crowded, there would be fewer violent creimes, the divorce rate would go down, and the amount of everyday stress most people experience would drop dramatically.”

John C. Maxwell

A Short Course in Human Relations

The least important word: I

The most important word: We

The two most important words: Thank you.

The three most important words: All is forgiven.

The four most important words: What is your opinion?

The five most important words: You did a good job!

The six most important words: I want to understand you better.


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