Are You Grateful?!

You have so much to be grateful for if you would take a minute to think about the blessing that happen every day!  We have a 24 hour news cycle that bombards our minds stories of hard times and despair.  It becomes a challenge to remember that if we have breath in our lungs and functioning mental faculties we can achieve great things.  Take some time today to be grateful.    

Watch the short video below to get your Monday Morning Motivation!!!

The Law of Recognition
Anything you fail to recognize will exit your life!!! 

- Something you are not seeing is costing you! 
- Humility is not a personality trait.
- Humility is not intimidation.
- Humility is the Recognition of What You Do Not Have.
- Humility causes you to search.

The proof of Humility is the Willingness to Ask Questions!  Dr. Mike Murdock 7 Laws You Must Honor to Have Uncommon Success

Was this video Helpful? Hope you enjoyed it!  Your family and friends are all on Social Media and most will not take the time to be grateful for waking up today, feel free to share this with them and comment below!  Let’s be Great today!

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