3 Powerful Speaking Tips for Introverts

Do you have a fear of public speaking or are you an introverted person; like me? These three quick tips will help!

Watch the short video below to learn how to prepare to give a speech that will blow your audience away.

I did not know there was an actual term that defines the fear of public speaking as a phobia.

People who suffer from glossophobia tend to freeze up in front of an audience, some may find their mouth becomes dry, some voice will get weak, and other’s body will shake.

Statistics show that nearly 75% of people suffer from glossophobia.

Why Do You Need to Face Your Fear?
Many people would like to advance in their careers or take their entrepreneurial ventures to a higher level but the inability to stand in front of a room of people is holding them back. They allow the fear to hold them back from taking that next step.

Whether you will be speaking to 500 people at your next business presentation or 5 people at your church committee meeting these three tips will help you face your fears and command your audience. 

Were those tips Helpful? Hope you enjoyed them, which tip do you think is most important? Your teammates are all on Social Media and most have a fear of public speaking, feel free to share this with them and comment below which tip you liked the most!

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